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Start Here! Life-changing Feng Shui basics, room-by-room summary [for beginners].

Feng Shui can be used as a jumping-off point for various types of Feng Shui, such as underwear Feng Shui and travel Feng Shui, but the first and most basic step is to Feng Shui your living environment! In fact, making the room where you spend your daily life a feng shui power spot is the shortest path to good luck!

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[2024 Feng Shui for Money] Improve your luck by utilizing the direction of a successful person's desk [fortune by zodiac sign].

2024, the Year of the Dragon! Take advantage of the direction of the desks of successful people and ride the wave of good fortune this year! There are several ways to open the door to good fortune with feng shui, but the most immediate way to change the flow of luck is to take advantage of the power of the auspicious direction. It is a good fortune o

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