[Birthstone] Lucky jewelry that brings you luck and the best life!


The stones are making a strange noise. I'm sorry, but can you please put them away?


What? I'm sorry! Grandpa.


The stone has a strong power. I have dealt with stones all my life, and I know that a powerful stone can make people happy, but it can also bring misfortune. And the stone was created by human hands. I was wondering...



Thousands of years ago, in BC...

Our ancestors used the movement of the stars in the night sky as a guide

They sailed, made calendars, harvested crops...


Even in today's technologically advanced world, we are still influenced by the movement of the stars.


Women, in particular, are greatly influenced by the phases of the moon.

When the full moon approaches, I feel a bit soppy and depressed.

On the day of the new moon, my eyes are bright and I can't sleep, or my mind is unusually clear...

Sensitive people feel the influence of the moon sensitively.


A study conducted by an American university also showed that the number of incidents and the number of births increase on the full moon day.

The stars have a great influence on us today, even in secret.

If you are so inclined, you can use the power of the stars and the synergistic effect ofYour own special stoneWhy not make the best of your life with "The Best of Life"?

Let's get started with the lucky jewelry that attracts good luck with birthstones!



[a birthstone] Getting LuckyLucky Jewelryand the best life!


April AprilDiamonds : Diamonds 

Your power jewelry born in April .

It's called "diamond "

Energetic and adventurous, pioneering and inspiring, confident and passionate, and dynamic and quick-witted, April-born.

Diamonds, one of the three most important gemstones, have strong energy and power to ward off evil. Wearing diamonds around the face is eternal power jewelry because they collect light and look beautiful.

sub-birthstone:morganite (blue gemstone)





May May: emerald

Power Jewelry for you born in May

that isBest Happiness and Fortunewhich has the meaning of "emerald "

You are patient and trustworthy! You have a warm heart and love, continuity to work hard on your goals, and a gentle and single-minded love.

Emeralds, one of the three most precious gems, were once only allowed to be worn by a handful of people, such as royalty and nobility. Emeralds are definitely the way to go for lucky jewelry this year!

sub-birthstone:beautiful lustrous colour similar to that of the kingfisher's feathers





JuneJune Pearl

Power Jewelry for those born in June.

It's called "Pearls"

You are adaptable and versatile! You are a social butterfly with a great sense of humor and conversation, and you are a well-spoken, youthful, and ever-energetic June-born.

Just by wearing pearls, the miraculous gemstone born from the sea, you can boost the energy of a refined and graceful woman and create a beautiful aura like a goddess.

sub-birthstone:alexandrite moonstone






Power Jewelry for you born in July

It's passion and vitality.Ruby" is the lucky jewel of the year.

It enhances the energy of luck in the game, so you definitely want to wear it when you are on the verge of victory. It is also good for leadership, giving you an imposing and confident aura.

Of course, rubies are one of the three major gemstones, so they are perfect for repelling evil spirits.It will be the greatest guardian stone for those born in July.


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August AugustPeridot : Peridot 

Power Jewelry for those born in August

It is the stone language of conjugal harmony and harmony, "peridot"

Peridot is this year's lucky jewelry along with emerald! The green gemstone is riding the energy wave of 2023 and will bring you good luck just by wearing it.


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September SeptemberSapphire : Sapphire


Power Jewelry for you born in September

that isof integrity and humanity.."Sapphire"

If you are reserved and shy, precise and trustworthy, and practical, hardworking, smart and analytical, sapphire is for you!

Sapphire, one of the three most precious gems, is so valuable that in the past only noble royalty were allowed to wear it. High vibrations with celestial blue.

Sub birthstone:kunzite

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October tourmaline


Power jewelry for you born in October.

It's called "Tourmaline."

Sophisticated and diplomatic, romantic and charming, easygoing and sociable, idealistic and pacifist, tourmaline is perfect for you if you were born in October!

Paraiba tourmaline, a miraculous gemstone discovered in Brazil, is so rare that it is said that those who are able to obtain it are the rare lucky ones.

Sub birthstone: opal



November November: topaz


Power Jewelry for those born in November.

It's called "topaz"

Powerful Decisiveness! Emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, excitable and charismatic, Topaz is your first choice for November birthdays!

Topaz makes a wonderful guardian stone for balance! Golden citrine is recommended for good luck with money.

Sub birthstone: Citrine




December  December: tanzanite


Power stone recommended for those born in December.

that isTanzanite.

If you are optimistic and freedom-loving, fun-loving and humorous, honest and bamboo-split, and philosophical and sociable, tanzanite is your guardian stone!

Named after the color of the sunset in the wild land of Africa, Tanzanite will encourage you to maintain a balance of power.





January January garnet


Power stone recommended for those born in January.

that isGarnet."

If you are practical and cautious, ambitious and autonomous, and patient and careful, with a good sense of humor yet reserved, garnets are for you!

The deep red color of garnet represents blood, and is also an energy support for those who are concerned about their beauty and health.




February  FebruaryAmethyst : Amethyst


Power stone recommended for those born in February.

It's also this year's lucky stone, "amethyst "

To be friendly, fair to everyone, honest, sincere and truly personable.

Whether you want originality and creativity or independence and sociability.

It maintains balance in relationships and increases the probability of encountering unexpected good fortune.

It will help you keep your cool when you tend to get emotional.

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March MarchAquamarine : Aquamarine

Power stone for you born in March.

that isAquamarine."

The clear, beautiful blue color, like the color of tropical seas, soothes the heart just by looking at it. Aquamarine is also said to have the mysterious power to see into the future and to wipe away anxieties.

Aquamarine will be the guardian stone of your sensitive heart.




Mysterious Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is said to have its own mysterious power and has long been a talisman for royalty, nobility, and other powerful people to ward off evil.

When you want a gemstone, you need the energy of that gemstone, or you have a situation where you're going to need it...

A gemstone with such mysterious power, I'm sure the gemstone is calling to you when it strikes you...


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