[How to choose a feng shui watch [by direction].


Are you the type of person who is late for some reason?

Or are you always in need of money?

How much time is too much time?

I've lost friends because of my loose time?

The type that expires when you realize it?

Is it always bad timing?


If you fall into any of the above categories, you may need to make some improvements.

Businessmen, politicians, billionaire celebrities, professional athletes, housewives, and elementary school students,


'TheHours.'-' (used in place of '-')is the 'only property' that is given to everyone equally.The "The".



How do we use our time?

What is it used for?

Who will you use it with?



Every day, every hour, every minute, every second of your life is made up of the accumulation of time.

I don't want to be deprived of my time, nor do I want to steal other people's time.


I have chosen this watch without thinking about it,


Or fill a space with fresh energy,

It can increase or conversely decrease your financial fortune,

Anti-aging and healthalso affectsSince there are


The choice of watch is quite important in Feng Shui.


How to choose a clock, the room in which to place it, and the direction from which to hang it.It seems to be good to know that just a little change in the "Mere Old Man" can improve your luck.



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[How to choose a feng shui watch [by direction].

Rule 1 - Recommended clocks by direction

When you buy a watch, where should you hang it? When you think about it, the energy flowing in each direction is different, so if the design of the clock matches the direction, it will bring you good luck.

Now, let's explain by direction!


the direction of north

❌ Hanging a clock in North is an inauspicious direction in Feng Shui.




Northwest room is the direction of luck for networking and travel.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Good combination of quality and richness!

Round shape, gold, silver or white watch, metalwatches are recommended.






❌ Choose the west direction as an option if you cannot clock anywhere.



East, Southeast


⭕️East direction is for money and financial fortune.Effective direction for the

Wooden, blue or greenFresh-colored watches such as the following are suitable.

pendulum clockThis is also the most suitable direction to place the



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Feng Shui, Clock, South

south directionschool (e.g. of ikebana)Success and popularityIt governs the

There is a fiery fire energy flowing through the air.

The clock to be displayed is,Red, Purple, Orangeis the main color, it is a good match.

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Rule 2: Do not hang a wall clock facing the door.

It is a little scary, but hanging a clock facing the door and the room is said to call evil spirits.

Hanging it facing a window or balcony is good luck. Even if the room is empty, it has the effect of circulating energy freshly.




Rule 3 - The hands of the clock should never be late.

If your watch is running late due to a dead battery or malfunction, fix it immediately. Being late is a time thief. And no matter how great your personality is, people who are not punctual tend to lose credibility. It is even better if you always leave the hands of your watch a minute or two early.



Rule 4 - No clocks overhead in the bedroom.

We tend to put clocks under our pillows or on our beds because we don't want to oversleep.

However, from a Feng Shui perspective, it would be a NG.

If it is an analog clock, the ticking sound of the second hand is not healthy. In feng shui, it is also said to bring evil spirits.

Even digital clocks are out because the electromagnetic waves adversely affect the brain while sleeping.

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Rule 5: Remove a stopped or broken watch immediately.

This is easy to understand if you compare it to your car.

If your car gets a flat tire or your engine breaks down, you need to get it repaired immediately, or you could get into an accident, and if you get hurt, it would be a disaster, wouldn't it?

The same is true for watches. Time is our most precious asset.

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Rule 6: Place a clock in the room to open the door.

kitchen, ,living, dining room, children's room, andHome OfficeLet's clock in on the

Filling it with fresh and timely energy creates a good cycle.

However, avoid placing it in the middle of the living room, as it signifies death or impatience.

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Feng Shui Rule 7 - For the front door.Watch.put on (or wear) lower-body clothing (i.e. pants, skirt, etc.)

Placing a clock at the front door puts unspoken pressure on visitors to "hurry up and go home.

Good luck comes through the front door. The trick is to fill the entryway with welcoming and happy chi, so this is also a no-no.


Rule 8 - What is a good clock shape in Feng Shui?


quadrangleThe square and rectangle are ideal for your own home, as they represent stability, solidity, and security. This shape is recommended if you want a peaceful and calm home life.



circular formThe round shape means that it attracts luck from all directions, making it ideal for workplaces, home offices, and other rooms where the goal is to increase profit and money.


Rule 9 - What is a good watch size for Feng Shui?


The size of the clock should be in balance with the size of the room. If you place a clock that is too large for a small room, it tends to make people nervous, as if they are unconsciously pressed for time.


in the end

Time is a precious thing that cannot be regained once it has passed.

Time given to everyone equally,Have a happy and fulfilling day.I would like to spend time there!



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