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Eight characteristics of the rich! Which one are you? Money Feng Shui

The best way to make money is to know the characteristics of the rich! The characteristics of the rich = you can also know the mindset and behavior of the rich, so you can simply compare yourself to them and imitate them.

Even if you are not rich now, as long as you have the characteristics of a rich person, you have enough potential to become rich in the future! Now, which one are you?



Eight characteristics of the rich! Which one are you? Money Feng Shui

Characteristics of the Rich 1. Rational

Rich people are rational and dislike waste. They have a bird's eye view of things and can instantly determine what is necessary and what is useless. This is because they know that there is no point in wasting time and energy on useless things.


Characteristic 2 of the rich: High sensitivity to information

Rich people have antennas for many things, so they can get good information faster than ordinary people. As a result, they can apply the information to their businesses and investments and become even richer, the opposite of the TV-watching, information-weak people.


Characteristic 3 of the rich: Investing in oneself

Self-investment in health and study is a characteristic of wealthy people around the world. They choose organic foods and exercise routinely, so they are physically and mentally resilient. And they never forget to keep learning. And of course, they are passionate about their children's education.



Characteristic 4 of the Rich: Emotional Control

Research shows that rich people are less likely to be emotionally driven. Their mental stability allows them to make calm and dispassionate decisions. On the other hand, people who are not so rich seem to get emotional easily, get angry or sad, and are swept away by their emotions.


Characteristic 5 of the Rich: Thinking for Yourself

Rich people are able to think for themselves and not be influenced by media and advertising. By looking at things from multiple perspectives, they have more material for making decisions. They listen to various opinions, but make final decisions on their own.


Characteristic 6 of the rich: Quick to make decisions and take action

Rich people do not linger and hesitate. They make decisions before they know it and act on them immediately. They have an outstanding ability to take action, and they seem to gain experience through repeated trial and error, and as a result, become rich.


Characteristic 7 of the Rich: Money Consciousness

They say that true riches come out in how you "spend" your money. Rich people only spend money on things that are worth investing in. Healthy food, education, quality products, relationships, etc... They spend money and reinvest it to make themselves even richer. Even if you make a lot of money, if you gamble or spend it on stress relievers, you may need to rethink something.


Characteristic 8 of the rich: Continuous effort.

Rich people are characterized by continuing good habits that enrich their lives. They wake up early and exercise, eat and sleep well, and continue to study English and other subjects diligently. This is because the accumulation of positive daily habits makes a difference 10 years later.


Summary of characteristics of the rich

Do you have any habits that you continue to follow? First of all, by setting an ideal goal of what you want to become, and then changing your daily habits in a positive direction toward that goal, you will certainly get closer to riches.


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