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Feng Shui Q&A・What is the relationship between beautiful skin and luck? 8 recommendations for "at-home esthetics!


I've heard that people with glowing skin have good luck, but is it true?


Oh my goodness, that's a good question! Shiny skin is a sign of good luck! But don't worry if you suffer from rough skin. Let's get started on the relationship between beautiful skin and luck!





Just looking at beautiful things and people is somehow a soothing sensation ...

Beauty has power.


Beautiful, beautiful "chi".It is essential for strong luck to radiate the

To that end,Healthy wild vitalityis required.


The state of your skin is the state of your internal organs and your directly manifested.

If you eat a well-balanced diet every day, your skin will look good,

Stressful days can make your skin unstable.


In Oriental medicine, people with weak "lungs" tend to have weak skin.

For example, asthmatics and allergy sufferers have sensitive skin.


In today's society, with all the pollen, air pollution, pesticides, and additives, skin is inevitably rough...

Therefore, frequent care that you can take by yourself is essential for beautiful skin!


Recommended for "at-home esthetics! Introducing selected at-home beauty items that are good for beautiful skin and health.

From head to toe, let's improve your skin and boost your luck with our carefully selected in-home esthetic treatments to radiate an aura of beauty.






Feng Shui Q&A・What is the relationship between beautiful skin and luck? 8 recommendations for "at-home esthetics!


1Panasonic "Nano Care High Penetration" Hair Dryer



Hair = God

The Japanese language is imbued with the spirit of words.

Hair condition such as shine, waviness, and dryness are all seen as manifestations of luck.

Oriental medicine also says that hair is the remainder of blood, and good blood quality makes hair lush and lustrous.

Shiny hair makes you look younger and more beautiful.

However, hair tends to be dry due to color and ultraviolet rays...

The savior in such a situation is,Panasonic "Nano Care High Penetration" hair dryer

High-penetration nanoe" that surpasses the hit "nanoe" dryer.

Mineral negative ions that lock in moisture can be expected to care for hair deterioration caused by UV rays and friction, and

Locks in moisture inside the hair, resulting in lustrous hairTo.

I can't believe how beautiful hair can be with daily hair drying...highly recommended!





2Rifa Grace Head Spa



People say I have a scary face when I'm mute ...

Sagging face, dullness, headache, tired eyes, gray hair, hair loss...

The more stressed you are, the more your scalp is tickled.

The head is full of acupuncture points, so massaging it, even for just 10 minutes, can relieve tension throughout the body!The following is a list of the most common problems with the

The scalp is also connected to the face and neck, so it is recommended for beautiful skin at the same time.

The good thing about Refa Grace Head Spa is that it can be used while shampooing.

It is a two birds with one stone, as you can enjoy a relaxing head massage in the bath at home and shorten the time required for the treatment.




3Ya-Man Optical Beauty Machine Raybeaute Venus Plus V I O Compatible


I am worried about my hair! I recommend it to those of you who suffer from unwanted hair!

You are interested in the trendy VIO hair removal, but are embarrassed to be seen at a salon! This is a powerful product that responds to the voices of those who are interested in VIO hair removal but are embarrassed to be seen at a salon.

The optical hair removal system has salon-grade irradiation power, so hair becomes thinner and smoother with each treatment, resulting in smooth, beautiful skin!

It is cosmetically good because it can be used for the entire body, including face, arms, armpits, fingers, legs, and VIO hair removal.

Compared to the hundreds of thousands of yen it would cost to remove hair from the entire body at a salon, it is very economical.

We do not recommend using razors to remove unnecessary hair, as it leads to skin irritation and darkening.

And isn't it a high point that optical hair removal can be easily done at home at any time?



4Gold leaf beauty


Gold" has always been a lucky item of good luck and fortune throughout the world!

The dazzling energy of gold blows away evil spirits.

Such gold is also extremely good for beauty.

Gold has a unique ion (electron) flow, which has been shown to balance the ionic balance of the skin.

Facial menus using gold are very popular even at high-end spas.

After all, being able to indulge in the luxury of beauty with gold is also good for the heart.


created by Rinker.
(of a fabric) having a hole in the center
¥5,980 (As of 02/22/2024 10:18:47 AM, according to Amazon -.Details)
created by Rinker.
¥2,700 (As of 02/22/2024 10:18:45 AM, according to Amazon -.Details)






VitaJewel is a rumor among highly sensitive celebrities.

When you drink water with gemstones in it, it is a magical water that can emit beautiful, sparkling energy like gemstones.

Each type of gemstone or power stone emits different energy.

By transferring this energy to your water and drinking it, you can transform your body from the inside out, from beauty and health, and on a molecular level.

Just as feng shui uses crystals to change the energy of a room, this one is a good choice because it can directly adjust energy from within the body.

created by Rinker.
Vita Juwel
¥39,666 (As of 02/22/2024 10:18:45 AM, according to Amazon -.Details)



6Aramic" 3D shower, premium salon style, premium



Your skin gets flaky when you shower, your hair gets dry...

Have you ever had such an experience?

Especially when your skin is sensitive or you have allergies or atopic dermatitis, tap water is quite harsh.

Tap water contains chlorine for sterilization, which even removes moisture from your skin.

This shower head is,Removes chlorineNot only to do,vitamin CI highly recommend adding powder to make your skin and hair moisturized and plump.

I guarantee you will be amazed at the difference in the wash.




7Silk Beauty

It has been loved by Cleopatra and Yang Kwei-Fei since ancient times.Silk (silk)Ha,Leads to beautiful skin just by wearing itThis is a miracle item.

Once you have tasted the melt-in-your-mouth comfort of silk, you will never go anywhere else.

Silk is a protein fiber obtained from cocoons produced by silkworms,It contains 18 different amino acids. Because these components are extremely similar to human skin,It blends in very gently with the skin.

Silk is ideal for anti-aging such as spots, wrinkles, and dullness because it causes minimal friction when it touches the skin.

Using silk for pillowcases, pajamas, and bedspreads will make your skin beautiful just by sleeping every day.

Silk material is also good for health as it is cool in summer and warm in winter!




8Tria Skin Aging Care Laser


The biggest problems of aging, spots, wrinkles, pores, sagging, lack of firmness...

I thought it could only be done at a beauty clinic,Laser treatment can be performed at homeIn the age of

The U.S. FDA-certified fractional laser accelerates skin metabolism, which causes spots and sagging skin, and makes your skin clear and resilient, as if it were luminous from within.

I can't easily go to a salon to have my hair done, I have limitations with my own style, and I don't want to age any more!

They will surely answer such concerns.

Above all, the high number of highly rated reviews and the fact that the product is hard to purchase due to a flood of orders speaks volumes about its popularity.

If you are in doubt about a facial equipment, this is the only one you should choose.

Click here for the official website




In-home esthetics, luxury time to heal.

A good opportunity to think and act on your own axis and recharge your batteries.

In addition, beautiful skin and good luck!

When the heart is full, the same attracts and brings us closer to beauty and strong fortune.

Have a great beauty life!



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