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[2024] Dragon Pension Luck Upgrade! Wallet Feng Shui [Lucky Color].

The year 2024, the Year of the Dragon, is a golden year! And wallet feng shui!

Knowing the lucky colors of the Year of the Dragon, let's make our money luck explode!

The "spring wallet" that you start using in the spring is a wallet that is full of money and "stretches", while the "autumn wallet", the season of harvest, has a very auspicious meaning of "becoming rich like a fruitful harvest".

In the coming age of the digital society, people will carry less and less cash.

Feng Shui media for the new era, "FUUSUI PRESSThe ",

The concept is to provide up-to-date information in accordance with the times, so we introduce a wide variety of wallet feng shui!

In 2024, he will continue to ride the waves of the times with flair,

Let's make sure to catch the flow of strong luck, good marriage, and money!



[2024] Dragon Pension Luck Upgrade! Wallet Feng Shui [Lucky Color].

■2024 What money runs away from you when you put it in your wallet

1. Unnecessary receipts

If you get a receipt for every purchase you make, you'll be accumulating them before you know it... right? If you are a household account bookkeeper or a sloppy one, be careful!

If you store old receipts, the money gods will flee.



2. Negative images

In Feng Shui, we absorb luck from what we see with our eyes.

Neuroscientifically, what you see is stored in your brain without your conscious awareness and affects your mental health without your knowledge.

Negative images, for example, war and violent pictures, ominous and dazzling images, filthy and obscene images, also fall into the negative category.



3. Torn wallet

No matter how much you love your wallet, if it is torn or broken, we recommend renewing it anew.

Your wallet is your money home. If you compare a torn wallet to a house, would you want to live in a house with leaks and drafts? It would be like saying, "Would you like to live in a house with leaks and drafts?

Feng Shui says that the standard replacement for a wallet is about three years.


4. Notes that have been left as written

You take notes to make sure you don't forget something, don't you?

And if you have done what you wrote in the note but have not thrown it away forever, the money gods will flee.

This is because looking at old notes brings back memories of the past, making it difficult to focus on the present and reducing the power to move forward.



5. Torn bills

Although you don't see them very often, tattered bills, bills with torn or discolored edges should not be kept in your wallet very often. Keep them in a separate place.

The money gods seem to like a clean and organized environment.


6. Medication

Medication is, of course, not used by healthy people.

The word "sick" is associated with negativity, which means it is not very desirable for purses and bags.

Of course, this doesn't apply to those on medication...



7. Family photos and dirty money

Some people put family photos in their wallets so that they can see them, but there are a few points to keep in mind.

Do not be with torn bills, soiled coins, etc.

Since money comes from many different people, negative thoughts may also be attached to it.



Wallet Feng Shui 2024fifth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Dragon, 7am-9am, east-southeast, March)Lucky Color Money Wallet of the Year

■ InvincibleFor women's beauty and strong luck.Red Wallet'-' (used in place of '-')


This year's lucky color "Red" supports women's beauty and strong luck to the maximum.

Red color with an edgy world view and a unique presence

Just by carrying it around, you will burst with a sexy charm that will make you hoot and holler.

The red color in feng shui is great luck for exorcising evil spirits and repelling evil.

You get the money and the love.




OGON] Card case with RFID skimming prevention function



Wallet Feng Shui 2024Investment luck up!Green is the best lucky color this year!



This year's best lucky color seasonal green

Lucky color to feel the full energy of the leap forward in 2024.

It is no wonder that it is immensely popular among all generations.

Because in Feng Shui a green purse means abundance and expansion,

You want to increase your assets and be free.

created by Rinker.
¥89,800 (2024/02/29 16:57:20時点 Amazon調べ-Details)



OGON] Card case with RFID skimming prevention function





Wisdom for money-making:somehowIf you're not feeling lucky, make a donation!


Wallet Feng Shui 2024Noble money, ocean blueThe strongest wallets in the


Ocean Blue" is the lucky color of the Year of the Dragon, the color of the rich and fertile sea.

Blue, with its watery air that symbolizes abundant money, is a sign of luxury.

Because blue has noble money luck in authentic Chinese Feng Shui,

If you are looking for powerful financial fortune, this is the place for you.


Maison Margiela






Wisdom for money-making:If you want to make money...Let's buy something for the rich!


Wallet Feng Shui 2024■ BestWaves of Golden Fortune, YellowThe strongest wallets in the

Ferragamo's gorgeous and elegant designs are useful for any occasion.

This long wallet is easy to use and keeps your bag neat and tidy.

It also has excellent coin and card storage capacity, making it easy to use.

Proudly made of genuine leather in golden yellow, the best color for money.

You may not find a better wallet.



Ferragamo Bifold Wallet



【【 chloé by cbc]


Wisdom for money-making:When you buy something, will it still be useful five years from now? Let's think about it.




Wallet Feng Shui 2024Great support from adult womenThe Pearl White Purse of Purification and Dignity.



The pearl-white wallet is made of the finest quality materials,

Elegant, but with versatile storage capacity for coins, bills, and cards, and overwhelming practicality.

The combination of white and gold carries the winds of wealth and nobility.

The lucky color white in feng shui also means that the wallet will bring a good flow of money.






Wallet Feng Shui 2024The Eternal Lady of Fortune'Dainty and elegant.Pink.Wallet"


Elegant pink and ribbons are the strongest combination.

An eternal lady whose axis of tradition and refinement never wavers in any era.

A new era of luxury with outstanding usability.

In Feng Shui, pink is the strongest lucky color that attracts luck in meeting people and networking.




Wisdom for money-making:Let's make the water area shine!





2024 Year of the Dragonis the best way to increase your money!

A selection of wallets that will ride the winds of luck and increase the chi of wealth from a Feng Shui perspective.

Just by carrying it around with you, you will be cloaked in the spirit of the season, and your financial fortune will be powerfully enhanced for a wonderful year!

The day you purchase your wallet and the first day you start using it.Best Luck Dayis used to open the W!

The strongest lucky day in 2024: What you should do! What not to do, and the calendar of good luck!




The strongest lucky day in 2024: What you should do! What not to do, and the calendar of good luck!

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