[2024NEW] Lingerie and underwear feng shui to change your luck in a flash?

What is Underwear Feng Shui...?

Did you know that the lingerie you casually wear every day is actually closely related to your luck?

masculine genderBut even for women, it is an important item that gently wraps the important parts of the body.

Are you wearing pants with holes in them, a stretched-out bra, faded trunks...just because others can't see what you wear under your clothes?

If you wear such tattered underwear, your aura will be poor and dirty...

What's more, the scary thing is that when you emit such an aura, you attract those with similar vibrations....

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Underwear is really important in Feng Shui!

In industries that seek good luck, such as professional sports, they will not hesitate to throw away underwear worn on days when they lose or have a negative experience.

Even for the average person, it is recommended that underwear be replaced within a year at most.

From a hygienic standpoint, pants that have been worn for a year or more are more likely to harbor bacteria and other organisms, even if they are washed.

In Feng Shui.Underwear color, material, etc.Therefore, the effect of the luck-enhancing effect will vary.

If you are going to go to the trouble of buying a new one, let's make sure it will bring you good luck and put you in a good mood every day!


2024 NEWWould you like to change your luck with lingerie and underwear feng shui? 

The year 2024 is the year of the Tatsu! However, it is a "wooden dragon" with a "wooden" attribute, so it is characterized by a light energy with a stretchy footwork.

Colors with compatible "water" and "fire" attribute energies are also lucky!


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Marine Blue Marine Blue

refreshingmarine blueis the luckiest of the year.Lucky colorOh my god!!!

The most powerful and entertaining color that makes your skin look beautiful in lingerie.

A lighter blue gives a prettier, more innocent image.

The darker blue gives an intellectual and mature impression.

Beauty, Health, Study, WorkBlue is recommended for

Fresh and free, marine blue will bring you good luck this year!The following is a list of the most common problems with the




Champagne White

Champagne white with gold and silver glitter is another lucky color to push.

Gold and Silver are also 2024's lucky colors!Money, investment and real estate fortuneYou want to increase the number of your customers!

The shiny champagne white has an elegant texture that creates a glamorous look and makes the skin tone look amazingly beautiful.

White color in Feng Shui."purification" or "beginning."and is especially recommended for those who are going through changes in their environment or relationships! Take full advantage of the new winds of luck and make a lucky start.

The best way to choose is to use high quality materials and a fine design.





Pink Pink

Pink with fire energy is a woman'smaking more powerfulRecommended forLove luck, dating luck, and beauty luck upAlso in!

Rose pink, like a rose flower, will activate female hormones and give off a beauty charm that shines from the inside out.

Wearing pink underwear when you are feeling down is a great way to boost your luck, as it will lift your spirits before you know it.

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Energy of a lovely and beautiful goddessto borrow, lavender underwear is still the way to go.

Just by wearing it,Emotional cleansing and cool downRole.

Recommended for those of you who are prone to anger, rashness, and outbursts.

moreI need to be calm and peaceful.A push for people too.

Wear lavender-colored undergarments that give off an aura of calm and dignity, creating a highbrow atmosphere.

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Black underwear is cool and sexy, but it is not recommended in terms of Feng Shui because it absorbs everything. But don't worry, this year "black" and "water energy" go well together.

When you go to places with negative auras, such as funerals, hospitals, or when you meet people you don't like.

In black underwear.barrierLet's put up the

sports brais a must for those who work out, as it holds the delicate bust in place and maintains a beautiful bust line.


A quality lingerie brand for those of you seeking a higher grade of luck.


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Bradelis.is a brand that originated in New York, a city where celebrities from around the world gather.

My attitude toward lingerie has changed since I first started buying Bradelis bras at the Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

The fit and beautiful décolletage is impressive when I first put it on! I have never had such beautiful breasts before.

The careful analysis of the Japanese women's body shape and the personalized service of fine-tuning the size of the garment to the individual's needs are what makes this brand so appealing!

The style is better and clearly different from other manufacturers.


If you really want to improve or change your luck, what you spend your money on is important.

When you spend money on cheap or unloved products, your luck is also that kind of cheap.

On the contrary, spending money on and using products with the passion and craftsmanship of their makers will give you a good vibration, and as a result, your luck will increase.

So, I wish you all love and strong luck.

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