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Fidgeting and restless? Would you like to clear up your anxiety and worries?



These days, the Corona disaster has forced us to make changes in our lives.

Even just these days are stressful.


Love, future concerns, workplace and job worries. ......

Life problems, relationship problems/vague anxiety, stress from home and caregiving, etc,


Why don't you talk to a counselor about these problems that you can't talk to anyone about?

In the Anything Goes Concerns section, we have more than 100 peopleProfessional Counselorswill help you solve your problem.


A counselor who is kind enough to listen to your complaints and talk to you, and a counselor who is kind enough to talk to you,Advice and emotional support messages for positive visibilityThe company has a large number of counselors and other staff who can give you

Counseling using healing and spirituality is also very popular.


Three happy points

1. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whenever you want to consult

Even if you are too busy to take time for a face-to-face meeting, you can consult online or by phone whenever you like.

2. the nature of your concern is strictly confidential

The confidentiality of your consultation is, of course, strictly observed. There is also no need to give your name, face, phone number, or any other personal information. You can make a call without even knowing our phone number.

Reliable pricing

Telephone consultations start at 100 yen per minute. There are no fees other than the consultation fee, such as annual membership fee and nomination fee.

Phone fortune-telling [Coconara] 3,000 yen free coupon for new member registration!


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Fidgeting and restless? Would you like to clear up your anxiety and worries?

Consultation for any kind of problem

For example, concerns such as


I have a difficult relationship at work. How should I get through it?

I want to repair the relationship between the couple.

I want to distance myself from my mother, but she is co-dependent on me. I want to distance myself from them, but they are codependent on me.


Anything Goes Worries Consultation Room Word of Mouth
(32 yrs old, female)
Thank you for your help during my job search. I had trouble finding motivation, my rhythm of life was not right, and I was sick. I think I am more organized and confident about my goals than before. Thank you for everything you did for me until I found a job and started working.
(40 yrs old, female)
I really liked the fact that I could get the answers in PDF format so that I could easily read them over. Knowing an objective opinion about what kind of state I tend to be in when stress builds up made it easier for me to manage myself. I will be able to put it into practice right away, such as taking a short break when I feel like this, or consciously dividing my time when I start thinking like this. Thank you very much.
(28 yrs old, male)
Thank you very much for your kind attention. It is not often that I have the opportunity to speak with a psychologist, and I think this is a good service because I believe that by learning about myself, I will be able to have a positive impact not only on myself but on others as well. It was very specific and easy to understand, such as what I can try right away and what I should try for the first two weeks.

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How to consult

1. Search for your concerns and select a counselor to consult.

Narrow down the list of counselors by entering the genre of the problem you wish to discuss in the input box.

Examples . Relationships, love, marriage, work, mental health, caregiving, etc.


2. Check the counselor's reviews and messages.

You can find messages from counselors and reviews from other users.

With over 100 counselors on staff, you are sure to find the right counselor for you.


3. Press the "Proceed to Purchase" button.


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Go to Consultation by genre of your concern


counseling for emotional distress


Click here to consult with us about your mental problems. You can consult with our reassuring supporters about things you cannot tell those close to you, things you do not want to be known, and things you want to keep secret. Because it is anonymous and private, you can consult and receive advice with peace of mind.Phone Fortune Telling [Coconara] Don't Worry Alone Anymore

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Counseling for relationship problems

Click here for consultation on relationship problems and issues. You can consult with us about how to deal with people you don't like, workplace relationships such as moral harassment and power harassment, and friendship problems. If you are troubled by a relationship that is not going well, feel free to consult with us. You can rest assured that it is anonymous and completely private.Phone Fortune Telling [Coconara] Don't Worry Alone Anymore

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Depression Counseling


Click here for depression counseling. We have a range of services where you can consult with us about your depression (depressive) problems and mental illnesses with peace of mind. Some services offer friendly counseling by people who have been treated and overcome various problems such as lack of motivation at work, lack of energy, etc.Phone Fortune Telling [Coconara] Don't Worry Alone Anymore

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Counseling on home and caregiving issues


If you are looking for advice on family problems, this is the place to go. If you have family problems that are difficult to discuss, you can talk to the person of your choice at ease at coconara. If you want objective advice, click here.Phone Fortune Telling [Coconara] Don't Worry Alone Anymore

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Healing Spirituality


Many healers and counselors from all over the country are available. You can discuss your concerns in a chat format or over the phone without having to meet face-to-face. Recommended for those who want to consult about physical and mental health. All consultations are anonymous and no one can know about them. If you want popular and high quality counseling and healing, try Coconara first.

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We will consult with you to clear up any bothersome problems!

Compared to people in other countries, Japanese people tend to keep their worries and frustrations inside.

If you keep your worries bottled up inside, your mind and body will become sick!The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Just talking to a professional counselor about the blurring of your mind will clear your mind to a surprising degree!

And the best part of the concern is,Professional and objective viewpointTo give me advice on how to do this.

Come on! Why don't you tell us your problems and feel better?

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