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[Feng Shui for Children] What is a child's room to raise an energetic and intelligent child?



My child has been acting strangely lately.

Suddenly I became restless.

He began making strange noises and acting out.

Grades suddenly dropped.

Somehow I am not feeling well.


When that happens, you are very worried.

The child is acting strangely, especially around the time of the move or since the redecoration.

If this is the case, we recommend checking the feng shui of your room.

After improving the feng shui of your room, your child's condition may improve.

Let us explain one by one!



[Feng Shui for Children's Rooms] What kind of children's rooms nurture energetic and intelligent children?


1Feng Shui in a child's room: Make sure the pillow faces in the lucky direction.

The direction your head faces when you sleep is the direction of your pillow.It is.

Actually,Depending on the day of birth and gender, the lucky direction and

Unlucky pillow orientationThere is a


To find out your typeClick here


Lucky pillow orientation by type


The East Group...South (relationships), North (wisdom), East (health), Southeast (study)


West Group...West (relationships) Northwest (health), Southwest (study), Northeast (wisdom)


If your child is having trouble fighting with friends, being left out, etc., turn the pillow around.Relationship DirectionsChange the name to

If it is the East group, it faces south. If in the west group, it faces west.


If your test scores are not so good, then,

The direction of the pillow.The direction of wisdom or the direction of studyto sleep for a while.


If your child is not tooNot sleeping, poor attitude, sickly, poor gradesThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

If there are negative effects such as,

The direction of the pillow.unlucky directionSince it is possible that the

Type ofChange the direction of your pillow to your lucky direction.We recommend that you do so.



By the way, consider any direction other than the above unlucky.

If your child is a poor sleeper and has been turning and sleeping on his or her side, that orientation may be your child's lucky direction.

Children are more sensitive than adults and may perceive the energy of a good direction for themselves.



2・What is the NG bed placement in children's room Feng Shui?

BedroomWhere to place the betsIt is also a very important point in Feng Shui.

While it may not be easy to achieve the ideal placement of closets, windows, doors, etc., due to housing conditions, this section describes NG placement and remedial measures.


NG・Bet's head is facing the window.

Measures and thick drapescurtainsset (a dial, an alarm clock, etc.)


NG・There is a window next to the bed.

Measures and thickercurtainsset (a dial, an alarm clock, etc.)


The ceiling above the NG and bed is beamed.

Countermeasures / Changing the position of the bed


NG・Near the pillow when you sleep or across the wall from the toilet, WIFI equipment, computer, TV, all electric, refrigerator, etc.

They emitelectromagnetic wavesand microvibrations can easily lower the immune system and make you sick, so NG (especially during growth)



For more information, click here.[KIDS Feng Shui] Good and bad things to do with Feng Shui in a child's room




3・Do not place things that emit electromagnetic waves in children's rooms.


It is safe to say that almost all electrical appliances today emit electromagnetic waves, including smartphones, routers, WIFI, TVs, tablets, computers, and electrical outlets.

Not much is said about it in Japan, but overseas, electromagnetic waves can cause children'sBad for the brainIn many countries, the use of these substances is regulated because of the danger they pose to the health of the population and the risk they pose to the environment.


For example, when the growing brain is exposed to electromagnetic radiation,Feeling dazed and having difficulty concentrating on studies or testsA condition called brain fog occurs and the hormone melatonin is inhibited,Mental instability and sleep disordersThis raises the fear of

From anything that emits electromagnetic waves,Keep at least 30 cm away.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

It is recommended that they be placed away from the head in particular.

If you are interested,Turn off power when going to bedIt is safe to do so.


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