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Strong luck and happiness! Lucky Sweets Fortune Telling by Zodiac Sign

Rich chocolate gateau chocolat and freshly baked cheesecake,

The combination of soft and crispy puff pastry, sweet red bean paste and fresh strawberries is exquisite strawberry daifuku!


Just eating sweets makes you instantly happy, which is truly the magic of sweets!

Sweets are the standard for gifts as well, a nice reminder to give happiness as a gift.


You are happy, and everyone around you is happy!

Sweets are a magical food that makes everyone happy.


Feng Shui is not just about interior design and direction.Absorbing Luck from FoodThe following is a list of the most common types of products that can be used in the market.

The medical and the food are one and the same.Thus, the energy we take in from food is,Easy and immediateIchi's lucky action because there is a

especiallySweets energize the heart and soul.It accelerates happiness because it does

Now, let's get right to the lucky sweets for each zodiac sign!



Strong luck and happiness! Lucky Sweets Fortune Telling by Zodiac Sign


Let's get started and check out the lucky sweets for each zodiac sign. You can also use the zodiac sign of the person to whom you want to give lucky sweets!

Let's expand the circle of happiness more and more with Lucky Sweets.




A lack of energy will cause a lack of chi, so healthy nourishment is a lucky action for those born in the Year of the Rat.

Sweets with nuts rich in vitamin E power up your heart and mind!


Lucky Sweets :Sweets with nuts

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If you are feeling somewhat heavy in mind and body, or if you are not in a good mood, let's lift your spirits with a baumkuchen and coffee, which has a delicate texture and an exquisite sense of happiness with the savory aroma of butter.

Lucky Sweets :.baumkuchen

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third sign of Chinese zodiac (The Tiger, 5am-7am, east, February)


Strawberries are full of vitamins and make your skin shine! You will be beautiful and your heart and stomach will be full of satisfaction.

Sweet whipped cream and sponge cake is a blissful combination...

Lucky Sweets :.Strawberry Shortcake






If you suddenly become anxious or impatient, just deal with it calmly and you will be absolutely fine.

Take a deep breath and flip the switch.

Lucky Sweets :.purine



cut off (one's finger as an act of apology)

People who make fun of others' appearance should not be trusted.

The secret to good luck is to create good relationships with those around you.

Lucky Sweets :Cheesecake







Take care of people who care about you as if you were their own.

People who say only nice things on the surface are self-loving people who just don't want to be disliked.

Lucky Sweets :Fluffy shaved ice



seventh sign of Chinese zodiac (The Horse, 11am-1pm, south, May)


If you compare yourself with last year and think you haven't grown..., you should try to change something.

It is a sign of good fortune to try something new, even if it is a small thing every day.

Lucky Sweets :.gateau chocolate

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sheep (Ovis aries)


If you find yourself feeling irritable or suddenly depressed for some reason, get your stomach in order.

Fermented foods made with koji are perfect for Japanese people! Try sake-kasu ice cream.

Lucky Sweets :.Sake Kasu Ice Cream

Fuji Reika Otter Sakekasu Aisu & Sorbet Set: Sakekasu Aisu x 6 pieces, Sakekasu Sorbet x 4 pieces



ninth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Monkey, 5pm-7pm, west, August)


When you feel that even you are affected by the emotions of those around you, and that you too are affected by the emotions of those around you, draw boundaries by chanting in your mind, "I am me, you are you, so what?" and draw a boundary line in your mind.

Lucky Sweets :.Fruit Tart

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No matter what happens in the world, as long as you keep an "immovable mind" in mind and stand firm, everything will be OK!

Be firm on your axis and flexible.

Lucky Sweets :.macaroon



Whenever you feel bored and feel bored every day, try dancing and dancing as hard as you can, and you will have a lot of luck.

Let's dance until you break a sweat with the groovy music!

Lucky Sweets :.waffle

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wild boar


When you are tired, take a relaxing bath, don't set an alarm clock, and just stay in bed. Sometimes you need a blissful relaxing time to slumber.

Lucky Sweets :.mille-feuille (type of pastry)

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