Fear! What is the end of a mounting woman...? With Spiritual Explanation

A "mounting woman" is a woman who puts down people and things around her or makes herself look bigger in order to elevate herself. Everyone has had a bad experience with the mysterious, superior "mounting women"...haven't they? Their words and actions have a negative impact on those around them, and are sometimes even taken up as a social problem. Today, let's take a closer look at the "end of the road for mounting women.  

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Fear! What is the end of a mounting woman...? With Spiritual Explanation

1. Characteristics and behavior patterns of a mounting woman

  1. Sparkling appeal on social networking sites, etc.I'm good at what I do,Self-aggrandizing.In addition, they tend to actively promote their own things, experiences, and skills.... They also tend to aggressively promote their own things, experience, and skills.
  2.  You try to elevate yourself by bringing others down.Often, they get a sense that they are better by criticizing those around them.
  3. Dare not share information or knowledge that is inconvenient for you.They will select only the information and knowledge that is convenient for them and try to pass it on to the people around them. This is their ownAppearance and superiorityIt is also to protect the
  4. status and skills that you have.Thinks he is superior to others and is arrogantThey may be critical of others and may make comments that put others down. They may not listen to opinions or points of view that are critical of them and may speak in a way that puts others down.
  5. Overestimating one's abilitiesand often believe themselves to be superior. This is also for self-protection.

2. What are the negative influences of a mounting woman?

Mounting women repeatedly harass employees in the workplace, resulting in low employee motivation, a poor workplace atmosphere, and consequent loss of sales.... In addition, in schools or classes where the mounting woman is present, her behavior can cause anxiety and stress among other students, forcing them to leave school or change schools. Furthermore, in families where the mounting woman is present, her behavior can negatively affect family relationships and may cause the family to break up.  

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3. Causes of the proliferation of mounting women

The reason why the term "mounting women" has gained social attention is due to the diversification of modern society, women's advancement in society, and the spread of social networking sites. First, let us discuss women's advancement in society. As women become more active in society, competition in male-dominated societies and workplaces is intensifying, and women tend to become more competitive with each other. Second, I would like to discuss the proliferation of social networking services (SNS), which make it easier for women to express themselves and show off their pride and presence. In this environment, it is thought that lowering others in order to appeal to oneself has become a pervasive behavior pattern of mounting women.  

4. What is the surprising psychology of a woman who mounts?


  1. Low self-esteemThe psychology of the "self-doubt" is that they are not confident in themselves. Especially if they have been raised poor or divorced, they try to make themselves feel superior by attacking others whom they envy.
  2. Living on someone else's axis.Therefore, they can only measure themselves by the standards of others. Because they do not have the independent spirit of "I am myself and others are others," they are small-minded people who compare themselves with others and feel happy or sad.
  3. For self defenseThey may attack others to They feel psychologically that they are worthless, so they protect their fragile psyches by attacking.
  4. Trauma in the pastexperienced, the effects of these experiences may influence current behavior. family environment, for example.They believe they are unworthy.In some cases, the effects may be manifested in current behavior.

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5. What are the characteristics of the types that are easily mouthed?


  1. People who don't seem to fight back.The "NO" sign indicates a firm "NO" because they are licked to think that anything they say is okay!
  2. Overly empathetic people.are sensitive to the feelings of others and tend to take care not to hurt others. Mounting women may act aggressively toward overly empathetic people because they try to protect themselves by attacking others.
  3.  Able-bodied, beautiful, and prone to jealousy.は、マウンティング女の劣等感を刺激するので、自分自身を優位に立たせるために、攻撃することがあります。


6. How to deal wisely with mounting women

ここまで読んでくれたあなたは、マウンティング女は自己肯定感が低く自分軸のない悲しい女だということがわかったでしょう。 そんな悲しい女にマウンティングされた時の賢い対処法は、サクッと釘を刺して反撃する事It is.

1・無視して他の話題を振る マウンティング女の「優越感に浸りたい」心理を無視することでショックを与えます。あんたには興味ないのよ、ということを明確にして別のテキトーな話題をふりましょう。

2・冷たくする マウンティング女は案外メンタルが弱いので、「あなたが嫌いです」という態度を出しましょう。こういうタイプにニコニコとしてると調子に乗るのでダメですよ。

3・哀れみをかける マウンティング女に嫌なことを言われた時に、「〇〇さんて、育ちが悪かったんですか?そんなことを人様に言えるなんて、育ちが悪いと思われますよ」と憐れみながら伝えてみましょう。

7. What happens to the end of a mounting woman?

マウンティング女の末路は、最終的には周囲の人々から孤立し寂しい人生を送ることになるのは間違いありません。 スピリチュアル的にも、マウンティング女は波動が低くドブのようなオーラを発しており、同じものは引き寄せ合うことから低級霊を沢山引き寄せているでしょう。そして因果応報といって自分のしたことは時間差で自分に戻ってくることから、それ相応の報いを受けるのです・・・。



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